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Reconnecting for Drum Circle and Orchestra - Ben Goldberg

Music Outline

Participant's substance abuse and arrest

Phase 1
Walk to first court hearing - Drum circles enter from the back doors of Gray Chapel playing "heartbeat."
A mother's perspective (violin solo)
Return to walk to court hearing
Getting seated in the court room
Gavel strike - marking first court hearing
Support team - Cloudy, Message not getting through to participants
Orchestra Calls. No response from drum circle
Gavel strike- marking a court hearing
Story - Participant A (cell 26, shackles, endless circle)
Gavel strike - marking a court hearing
Promotion - Shaker Pass (passage of time) and soft rumble/Orchestra plays promotion theme.

Phase 2
Orchestra Calls/Drum Circle Responses
Gavel strike - marking a court hearing
Support team - becoming clearer and more positive.
Story - Emotional transformation of drumming.
Gavel strike- marking a court hearing
Promotion -  soft rumbles/ and Shaker Pass (passage of time)/Orchestra plays promotion theme variation.

Phase 3
Drum Circle Calls/Orchestra Responses
Support team - positive and proud
Gavel strike - marking a court hearing
Story - Joint participants who acquired their first apartment and overnight privileges with their child
Promotion - Drum Circles  "heartbeat" /Orchestra plays promotion theme variation 2.

Ceremony - reflection on the program and achievements.  Drummers "speak" names with drums
Celebration - Drum Circle Jam
Trading Solos - Drum Circle and percussion solos with orchestral “accompaniment."

The Future
Calm, hopeful, but uncertain.  Drum Circle plays three tutti hits each decreasing in volume.  This represents the three phases and asks "how will the participants fare as they move further away from the program?"

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