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Thank you for the wonderful audience reception to our March concert, Ben Goldberg's Reconnecting, and Tchaikovsky's Violin Concerto and 4th Symphony.


We will be updating the website soon with information on The Great Animal Orchestra and Pines and Fountains of Rome. The concert is on May 2, at 7:30 pm. Click here for information already on the site.

      Bringing great music to central Ohio while engaging communities inside and outside the concert hall is what the Central Ohio Symphony is all about!
     We offer excellence in performances and educational programs, including a four concert series enjoyed by nearly 700 subscribers in beautiful Gray Chapel in Delaware, and the July 4th concert for audiences of more the 5000! That is just the beginning.
     From our touring in Ohio to our groundbreaking therapeutic drumming program in the courts, the Symphony and its musicians invite you to share in all of our activities. In this website, you will find ways to be engaged, entertained and served by the Symphony, so explore our pages for directions and ticket information and give us a call to become part of the Symphony’s community.


Online, by phone or visit us at the Symphony Source Office, 24 E. Winter Street in Downtown Delaware



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